Camilo A Gutierrez will be remembered

My gramps past away November 23rd of heart complications or as he would say from stress. My gramps was a character and a very positive
Person. A real go getter and self made man who lived by his own personal philosophies. He started working at the age of 5 or 6, with his grandfather in the central valley vegetable fields. He didn’t like it but it was work. He learned early on that if you work you get paid or as he always said he earned is beans and rice. He was always one to seek out work. The more you work the more money you could earn. I was able to work side by side him as he sold draperies made by my grandmother Annie, the best draperies money could buy, they were truly one of a kind. So they were easy to sell because of the quality. By going to work with my gramps I learned how to talk to people and understand them. Camilo A. had personality and charisma his clients loved him and so did I. He not only sold draperies but sold his clients on him everyday. A very proud and strong man, he loved his family. But at times his relations with his kids, ie my aunt and uncle and mom was always up and down. It might have been because of his abusive upbringing or because he didn’t truly understand what spending time with his kids meant. He provided necessities but not his time. His kids grew up with out him and when my mom had me, my gramps was ready to make an honest effort making sure he was there for me and he was. For this I’m truly greatful. He also taught me how to work for myself
and he helped me open up Midtown Strength and Conditioning. I listened to my gramps and put to use his knowledge and wisdom to create our very own gym. Everything I’ve done was because I listened and applied what he taught or continuously repeated everyday for my 1st 30 years of life. He taught me how to lift weights with a barbell. Now I teach others how to train with barbells. Gramps taught me so much that he forgot most of the stuff he taught me, now that is a lot. He is forever ingrained in my sub conscience and conscience, we have a special bond that will never be broken. He is within my heart and I’m here to pass on the on the best aspect of my gramps, ie I’m the better version laughingly. Thank you very very much gramps, you are my pops, dad and and the most fascinating man I’ve every known. Thank you for all your time and for picking me up every time I fell and hurt myself. You never ever gave up on me even during sone rough times. Thank You Gramps. I love You,

One thought on “Camilo A Gutierrez will be remembered

  1. What a great tribute to your Grandpa Camilo. I had the privilege of meeting him many times and he was ALWAYS a kind and delightful person. Midtown S & C makes us all better, your grandpa helped get this gym started, therefore, your grandpa continues to make us all better.

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