180kg with the safety squat bar

Chad Augustin came in tonight and we started with 10 reps per set in the squat. We worked up 180kg and hit a double after almost 100 reps before hand, all these squats were done with a safety squat bar. We finished with 2 sets of barbell walking lunges at 44 yards per set with 60 kilos. We ended the session with 2 sets of 20 on the reverse hyper. It was a solid squat session. Keep up the hard work because it only gets harder. Oh and it helps when Chad and I watched Ben Claridad squat 230 kg and Alex Lee hit abundant kilos in da squat and the 5pmers going after it too with their squat combo. The 5 pm WO looked like this 3 squats with 65 to 80 percent then 300 lb. Prowler crawls for 88 yards then on to 66 yards of farmers walks with 88lb, 96lb and 106 lb. All this or 8 rounds. This is a very difficult workout. Please be prepared if you take this on. This will for sure give you shaky leg syndrome. Thanks for reading.

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