Why weight train?

I started training because my grandfather said it would help my baseball skills and I could lose some fat. I was a fat kid and my gramps put me on a barbell program that consisted of 3 sets of 10 reps in the squat, bench press, overhead shoulder press, bicep curls and French presses. I did this program for a year straight and built a pretty solid strength base and dropped bodyfat. The reason I bring this up to ask another question in our quest to become. I wanted to become better and trusted my gramps thoughts on being fat an being a better baseball player. Well it did help. Weight training changed my life by building my already healthy self-esteem. It made me feel good, it was the endorphins that made me feel ok about everything. I hated missing a workout because it meant that I wouldn’t be able to get my endorphin fix. I’m very lucky that my gramps introduced me to the weights when I was 13. I also grew upon a family where being over weight was an issue and a big one at that. I grew in a time when my gramps would ask family members to go on a diet because they looked fat. So growing up around people who were always hassled or had their eating habits questioned but never really got down to the root of being over weight which is replacing eating habits, understanding what carbs, protein and fats do and how to create a healthy meal plan. Also maybe going the pychological and learning what internally causes some to use food for other reasons, rather than to nourish and energize. So back to the subject which is I became a trainer because I want to help people build the skills or sharpen them to create or become the person inside that they can be happy with. I want to help people become better and stronger, so that they can believe in themselves and learn how to change for the better.

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