Expect your athletes to become better

I’ve recently started coaching Jv baseball at CK Mclatchy. We have an A team and a B team or what we like to call our redshirts. A redshirt is player that is behind in skill development, so the idea being, they are on the team yet they will see no playing time at all. The trade off being that, we the coaches, coach as if they were on the A team. So the redshirts get an opportunity to develop baseball skills that they would use next year. You would be surprised at what one year, of year-round practice can make. It helps the player create their own opportunity to get better and also build confidence in what hard work can create and the doors that will open if they understand what work ethic means and how you can apply it daily. Work doesn’t necessarily mean hard, working to become a better baseball player should be fun and being a better player means having more enjoyment from Americas pastime. The hard part for some baseball players is that they need to see themselves as just that baseball players day in and day out. The need to see themselves as baseball players translates into the daily preparation and focus on what it takes to be a better baseball player and student athlete. So a goal of our coaching staff is to teach what work ethic is and how to implement on a regular basis. So we can help them become better people and understand that it is possible to reach their goals and dreams with work ethic and the desire to want become better.

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