Meatloaf it’s what’s for dinner

I ate a 3rd of a pound of meatloaf from Trader Joe’s and it was quick and easy. Things seem to take a long time if you want them done really well. Sometimes progress is slow and sometimes it’s fast. I usually get ahead of myself by visualizing the end in mind I.E. Big picture thinking. When in fact I should be enjoying the process of what it takes to create a training environment that is unique as the people that train at Midtown. Knowing that it will get done (platforms) and be outstanding when completed and knowing the coaches that put them up have all the passion it takes to create an awesome weightlifting team. The most successful people I know enjoy what they do day in and day out. it literally is not work but a way to live out their dream one day at time. So remember everyone can slow down and be in the moment just like an at bat or your 3rd snatch attempt to break a world record nothing at all should matter but that very second or less to crush a baseball or stick that WR snatch. When you are in competition it didn’t matter how long it took but what you take from that moment, was it a success or just a near miss. So after pondering this I’ve saved the rest of the meat loaf and yams for tomorrow. Hopefully it will help with some big lifts.

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