Finish strong

Completed my first meet since last year I hit 95kg, 97kg and 100kg, I finished snatches feeling as if could have hit 107kg.   This left me with some room to imagine what is possible rather than finishing with doubt.  Mark Bell of SuperTraining  always speaks of leaving something in the tank to get you fired up for training.  Clean & Jerk well ok. My cleans were strong and they haven’t been for awhile because of my tinkering with technique. Today I just decided to trust my strength and  let my technique take care of itself. I hit 125 and struggled with the jerks. I missed a jerks at 125 and 128. My jerks are usually sharp and fast. Today they were timid but none the less it was a very valuable training meet.  My snatch was a weakness and it’s looking like a strength. I weighed in at   79kg this morning before breakfast and 50oz of h20. 

At the weigh ins I  was 80.64kg. All in all a pretty good start to next year.  Thank you Ben Clardad and Jim Schmitz.