What you think about, You create

I had the great opportunity to meet IronMind’s creator Randal Strossen for lunch. Randal Strossen, Don Weideman and myself met in Grass Valley to talk about all thing weightlifting. Strossen has a Phd from Stanford in clinical social psychology and has shared his knowledge of the mind and strength training with millions. We at Midtown Barbell like to think of Ironmind and The magazine Milo as an intellectual perspective on the strength and weightlifting world.
While doing research and reviewing his work that consists of IronMind’s and Ironbodies, Winning Ways “How to succeed in and out the gym”. These books are timeless classics that are in every strength athlete’s toolbox of resources for success. Anyway the next day after reading some articles of the mind and ways to pull out top performances, I hit a 137kg jerk from blocks and an 85kg double from the blocks. I’ll take’m thank you.