accumulative actions

everything accumulates, whether it’s training or life,  it all adds up to greatness,productivity, consistency or it can go the other direction such as mediocre, unproductive and inconsistent. I’ve worked between these two parallel universes and well let’s just say one of my best qualities I have is my ability to work hard and stay FOCUSED.  I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve always gotten back up to push myself toward goals and maintain the course of achievement.  All these accumulative experiences have taught me a lot and have helped  me to help be a better coach.  Everything in life adds up, so plan out want you and go after it.  

To keep progressing in training I must do certain things everyday. 1. I have clear cut goals, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  these short term goals help me focus in the present, example eating the right foods daily that allow my body and mind to give 100% focus on training, recovery and helping others reach their goals.   i give myself no excuses, eating is something I can control and i’m not willing to sacrifice performance or feeling good in general to allow myself a weak diet plan.  food for me right now is fuel,  although if I want a treat or cheat meal i have it. But it’s not the basis of my nutrients.  2. This next one tough,  but I force myself to do it. Sleep is the ultimate anabolic formula of all time and its free.  When I do lose sleep its because I think i’m relaxing by watching a movie, but i’m not it’s usually on my long days at the gym.  My bedtime is usually between 8:30pm and 9:30pm depending on if I have an early morning client. Yesterday at the meet i felt it.  My sleep off just enough to allow some weak thoughts float through but I know my training is dialed in so I gave myself no excuses. I wanted my lifts because I earned them,  funny how that works.  Work your ass off to build good old fashioned self confidence.  The more confidant one become makes anything possible.  That’s why I share this slogan “WORK HARD AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”  really simple and if I can do it so can many others if they just believe.  3. Weekly goal is to write a blog and or make video to help others succeed and get what they want in life.  Another weekly goal is to get 3 productive training sessions in, which means I pr in one of those workouts, which again builds more confidence. Example I hang snatched my opener which was 97kg and just missed doubling it 4 or 6 times,  I went after it because I believed I can make that 97kg double.  Another weekly goal is to talk with the people I coach and help them troubleshoot mobility issues, nutrition programs or technique work on the lifts, and of course goal setting and holding them accountable.  4. This is a daily weekly and monthly goal,  I always look back at the day to see what I can do better.  I’m always wanting to get better.  No matter what.  No matter what we do whether it leads us to greatness or just an awesomely amazing life it all adds up so create the life you want with A goal and yes just one to start is a great start. WORK HARD BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

A Problem For Crossfitters

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The problem with cross fitter athletes from a weightlifting standpoint they are extremely unbalanced.  Their strengths are very strong, but they often also have even more glaring weak points. An athlete might have great strength, but very limited flexibility.  He or she might  have superb conditioning   but low strength levels.  This is a result of not having done weight lifting specific training.  Often this will take  a lot of patience for the athlete to overcome. This can be doubly frustrating to some because they are use to working hard and wining at things that are related to weight lifting.  It is difficult  to adopt the mind set of a beginner, but that is required if the athlete is going to even out there development and make it more conducive to weightlifting. Often an athlete is tempted to play to their strengths, and the things they are good at.  …

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Each person I train is an experiment into what will make them better.  Consistently training hard develops self confidence over time.  My goal for each person I get the opportunity to work  with is to help them build up  their abilities and help them realize they are can be what they want, which is much more than just getting  their fitness back.  Once fitness is back into their life, they then can redevelop old goals or new ones.  They then realize that all these possibilities exists all around them. I continue to learn about myself through every person I work with.  It still goes back to hard work and the power to believe in ones own  self is very powerful.  

8 Growth Principles that Transform Leadership

8 Growth Principles that Transform Leadership.

The Top 4 Qualities of Successful Leaders

The Top 4 Qualities of Successful Leaders.

Red on Black.


awesome shirts from my great friend Dean

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Check out these new Tees that our buddies at Caffeine and Kilos did for us. Hit me up if you want one. 20 bucks. Don’t expect to look as cool as Dean while wearing it though because that’s not possible.

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work hard believe in yourself

i’ve recently hit personal records in the snatch with 102 kg and 137 kg in the clean and jerk, at 77 kg body weight. My all time best snatch is 105 kg at 78kg and my old clean jerk pr was 135 kg. This last weekend I got better both as a person and as an athlete. If I can do it anyone can. I work hard daily and it takes discipline, desire, dedication, commitment, passion, very hard work, I love hard work especially on making myself better. One lesson that I learned is that we can achieve anything we put our minds to! WORK HARD AND OVER TIME WE GAIN THE ABILITY OF BELIEF IN OUR SELVES AND WE CAN THEN SHARE WHAT WE LEARN WITH OTHERS. I have a burning desire to keep improving and getting better. I love challenging myself daily it’s fun. I’m on my way to achieving some new goals, which will keep me hungry for more.
I have long term goals, short term goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. Staying focused is important and right now i’m razor sharp and committed myself to keep improving. It’s who I’am I have a passion to learn and keep getting better. I also have a passion to help others that want to work and make changes to improve themselves and their lives. WE can all improve! Let get better! and have fun doing it!!!!!!


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